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As part of our purpose to build a better world where development is for everyone, we adhere to the coffee, forest and climate agreement, a voluntary commitment involving members of government, civil society organizations, coffee companies and producers to protect forests and thereby provide a solution to the negative effects of climate change.


The variety of Arabica coffee, for which Colombian coffee is recognized, is very sensitive to changes in climate. Additionally, more and more people consume coffee, which implies an increase in production and thus pressure on the natural resources required from cultivation to processing.


To respond to this problem the coffee, forest and climate agreement was created, in which Colcafé is now taking part. This initiative seeks to provide comprehensive solutions to balance the income of producers (cost of production + fair profitability) and social development (quality of life) with climate-resilient production and better preservation of natural capital in the coffee regions. This way, those of us who are part of this agreement have committed ourselves to:


  1. Promote the adaptation and mitigation of coffee communities to climate change through actions such as reducing the carbon footprint.
  2. Contribute to the protection and restoration of Colombia’s forests, avoiding forest degradation and deforestation in coffee systems.
  3. Promote tree planting through the implementation of agroforestry systems for coffee production (under shade).


It should be noted that, in order to face many of the production challenges, Colombia has been a pioneer and leader in the implementation of sustainable programs and practices such as the protection and planting of trees in coffee agroecosystems and although we still have great challenges, such agreements allow us to join efforts to achieve more powerful results.


At Colcafé we understand sustainability as a virtuous circle of development and progress that connects the work of the coffee grower with that of cooperatives, producers, our customers, and all people who enjoy the aroma, the strength and energy that coffee brings to their lives. That is why we are proud to be part of this initiative and to continue developing plans that promote sustainable coffee growing.


Learn more about this initiative at www.acuerdocafebosqueyclima.com


Acuerdo Café, Bosque y Clima


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