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At Colcafe, we are committed to the quality and safety of our products, sustainable development, the well-being of our employees and the development of our value chain. This commitment is supported by national and international certifications.

Process certifications


BRC Global Standard Certification

We guarantee the safety of our products at all stages of production, reducing contamination hazards as much as possible, contributing to food safety, and maintaining a culture of safety.


BASC Certification

We act uncorrupted to prevent and mitigate risks that may affect our value chain. We certify the implementation of safe practices and simplification mechanisms in the foreign trade supply chain.


OAS Recognition (Authorized Economic Operator)

Recognition by four Colombian government entities DIAN, ICA, INVIMA, and Anti-Narcotics Police, as safe and reliable companies to handle foreign trade operations (import-export) throughout the international supply chain.

Product certifications


KOSHER Certification

We ensure that the products included in the scope of this certification meet the food consumption requirements of the Jewish community.


Halal Certification

We ensure that our products meet the health specifications established in Islamic Law.


Fairtrade Certification

It accredits us as a company that complies with Fairtrade. We are an organization to social, environmental, and economic issues that improve the quality of life of our certified farmers and their communities.


Rainforest Alliance

We are committed to conserving forests, water sources and wildlife, and improving the health, housing and education conditions of coffee farmers by maintaining this certification.

Collaborators certifications


efr Certification

We promote a balance between work, personal and family life based on six (6) pillars:

  • 1. Quality in employment.
  • 2. Temporal and spatial flexibility.
  • 3. Family support.
  • 4. Professional development.
  • 5. Equal opportunities.
  • 6. Leadership and management styles.

ISO 45001

This certification shows our commitment to Life Care and safe and healthy work environments for employees and anyone else at our sites.


Healthy organizations

We promote healthy lifestyles through a culture of:

  • * Healthy eating.
  • * Physical activity.
  • * Smoke-free spaces.
  • * Mindfulness.
  • * Acting with a woman’s heart.

Environmental Certifications


ISO 14001 -Environmental Assurance Management System

We are certified in our commitment to environmental protection through environmental risk management with a focus on improving the environmental performance associated with our activity.