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Colcafé: our suppliers guarantee the good quality of our coffee beans

coffee beans


We are committed with our clients and consumers to deliver them coffee of the best quality, at the same time that we work to have a responsible supply chain that guarantees the sustainability goals of the coffee business.

We know that as a consumer or client you are interested in knowing the origin of our products and the hands of the coffee growers behind each bean. In this article we invite you to learn a little more about the quality of our beans and to remember the importance of the environmental impact that there is in the elaboration of the coffee that you consume from our brands and products.

Strictness in the selection of coffee suppliers

In Colcafé we have clear procedures for the selection of suppliers that guarantee us the best quality of coffee beans. For this reason 75% of the companies that are part of our initial supply chain are companies with a lot of experience, that have been in the coffee bean business for a long period of time and with which we have alliances of more than 10 years.

Many of our suppliers can show the traceability of the beans and have the adequate facilities, equipment and handling processes, not only with the coffee, but also in the care of the people that work for them. The care of all the actors involved in the value chain is indispensable for us as a Company.

The quality standards are made under the supervision and monitoring of the commercial and quality team. In this step our collaborators are in charge of ensuring a coffee that has a responsible supply, so we follow its journey until the arrival of the grain to our facilities and we make visits to the suppliers within the framework of a regulatory procedure of quality verification that is carried out every two years.

Certificates that guarantee responsible and quality sourcing

Good quality coffee beans are accompanied by certifications that support our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Having products with these seals is of special relevance for national and international clients who choose us as their supplier.

Among the verification seals we have for products are:

We are committed to sustainability

As part of the Grupo Nutresa Coffee Business, at Colcafé we are committed to the United Nations global agenda and its 17 sustainable development goals. Our higher purpose: to build a better world where development is for all, drives us to generate value for the coffee-growing communities and to support through our Family Coffee Businesses program the progress of the countryside, the generational change and the care of natural resources.

Our commitment is reflected in concrete actions that demonstrate the importance that we give to the requirements of our clients, which is why we constantly seek to optimize our production processes in order to make them more sustainable. Hence, the relationship with our suppliers is permeated by a knowledge that is built together, in order to take better care of the environment, people and the planet.

Are you interested in working the products of your brand or company with an expert coffee company like us? We invite you to contact us through our contact form here https://industriacolombianadecafe.com/b2b-solutions/

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