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Are you looking for an allied company to help you develop your label coffee brand?

Here we explain why in Colcafé we are the perfect Company to accompany you on this path.

In Colcafé we adjust to your needs with coffee origins and solutions that can go from commercial grades to premium products of the highest quality. We understand the market trends and what today’s consumers are looking for in order to make your label relevant and attractive to your clients.

With Colcafé’s private label you will have the support of having profitable products that will allow you to have greater margins of benefit for your company. Likewise, you will enjoy all the benefits of the adaptability that we manage to reach the best solution to your needs. We make this possible because we have a team that allows us to have great capacity, specialized departments that accompany us to give the best attributes to your product, a wide range of possibilities that will allow you to choose what best suits your budget and the essence of your label.

Build a better world together

We are a Colombian company committed to promoting sustainability across all aspects of our operations. As your chosen private label partner, we offer the opportunity to collaboratively build a compelling storytelling strategy that will elevate your brand communication. Through this storytelling, we can effectively showcase your brand’s purpose and demonstrate how working with us can amplify the positive impact of incorporating good practices into your label.

We have special certifications that can be organic, Fair Trade (FT), Rain Forest (RFA) and direct trade programs that will allow you to show to your end customers as an added value of your product, showing that you are delivering products with the best standards in the market.

By offering a coffee that contributes to environmental sustainability and community welfare, you can reinforce the value proposition of your brand and create a compelling differentiator in the eyes of the consumers.

We listen to you

Having a private label tailored to your needs and understanding what today’s consumer wants, will allow you to have products that customers want and this will result in a high rotation and profitability for your portfolio.

In addition, another of the advantages we have for private labels in Colcafé are the packaging solutions we handle, among these you will find: glass jars, Tetra Pak ®, sticks, doy packs, regular bags, ecopods, among others.

A wide packaging offer will also empower your offer to your target market and ensure that customers can consume your products in their favorite presentation. A variety of packaging can translate into the moments of the day that your consumer drinks their coffee, the spaces in which they do so or the stage of life in which they find themselves.

In Colcafé we can trace the route of origin of the coffee that you choose and have total traceability from the bean to its processing in our plants. This is backed by the certifications that endorse us and that your products can also carry on their labels, this will make your label stand out within the current market portfolio.

Finally, our greatest advantage as a private label building partner is our willingness to listen to you, understand your needs and accompany you in each stage of the process with all its implications. At Colcafé we are always open for you to get in touch with us so that together we can explore the best way to work together (link to contact button).

We invite you to be part of our private label clients, where together we can make your label visible by delivering an excellent product that can be incorporated into your portfolio as the best solution for your company’s needs.

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