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Colcafé launches a new Tetra Pak® packaging solution with a wide range of advantages for the RTD segment, private label and convenience store sales.

This product is also ideal for restaurants, bars and coffee shops that prepare coffee-based beverages.

Packaging is a key element in the coffee industry, as it not only protects the product, but also affects its durability, storage, handling and presentation.

This makes this packaging solution the ideal choice for high potential products, such as the popular Cold Brew and Ice Coffee, among others.

Advantages of this coffee packaging solution

One advantage of this packaging is its capacity to preserve the flavor and quality of the product for long periods of time, even longer than 9 months.

At the same time, since it does not require refrigeration (if the product has not been opened), its storage is more practical.

This is why this coffee solution offers significant improvements in the efficiency of baristas when preparing beverages.

By not requiring refrigeration, it allows for convenient handling and dispensing, facilitating beverage preparation and reducing customer waiting time.

Baristas can work faster and more efficiently, resulting in greater customer satisfaction, consistency in product quality and increased productivity.

This enables those involved in the logistics chain to reduce costs and provide greater control over inventory. Additionally, thanks to the local distribution that Colcafé has in the USA, this option is much more competitive in terms of time and minimum quantities.

Another advantage of this coffee solution is its versatility in terms of the ratio and concentration that the final product should have, thus Colcafé works according to the needs of each client.

This is in addition to the environmental commitment of having packaging that can be recycled and requires less use of resources for its manufacture.

For which products does this packaging solution apply?

This solution is applicable for 100% Colombian Coffee and also for blends, according to the client’s preference, as well as the type of concentration.

Colcafé offers a wide variety of ratios from 1:1 to 1:10, covering the needs of the market for single serve and multi serve.

This is how Colcafé provides a customized product focused directly on the end consumer.

This type of packaging is an efficient and versatile solution for cold coffee-based products, popularly used and marketed in the beverage segment.

The packaging can be manufactured with the customer’s own designs, highlighting the properties of your brand and generating the added value that your product provides to the final consumer.

Tetra Pak® and sustainability

Tetra Pak® packaging is highly sustainable with the environment, since it is recyclable and uses fewer resources than other packaging materials.

Thus, the customer can offer the company’s products in a sustainable and attractive package for environmentally conscious consumers.

It should be noted that, as suppliers of coffee, Colcafé has the necessary certifications and can guarantee the traceability of the product.

In conclusion, the launch of this coffee solution using Tetra Pak® packaging provides a highly effective packaging for cold coffee-based products, such as Cold Brew.

A coffee product made by Colcafé and packaged in Tetra Pak® offers a shelf life of more than 9 months, allows the customization of the coffee concentration and improves the efficiency of baristas when preparing beverages.

In addition, it respects the environment and guarantees an optimal taste experience for consumers.

All these benefits translate into a convenient and practical solution for the production and commercialization of coffee products in the market.

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