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As part of our commitment to sustainable development, in August we began a new version of the Program for the Coffee Companies Sustainability in the municipalities of San Gil, Socorro and Aratoca in the Department of Santander, and during October in Garzon and Timana in the Department of Huila.

With this new version, we hope to impact 550 families that have committed with us and the companies allied to the program in each region, to support a sustainable coffee culture and benefit the prosperity of family coffee businesses in their territories.

This project is made in alliance with the companies ECOM Trading, Carcafe Ltda. and with the support of Fundacion Nutresa. The main objective will be to strengthen the capacities of coffee growers for the transformation of their farms into sustainable businesses during the next three years.

Together with our partners, we seek to impact a total of 1,260 hectares in the Department of Santander and 775 in the Department of Huila. The expected production between the two departments is of more than 47 thousand bags of excelso coffee per year during the next three years.

The producers will be trained during the program in models of payment for environmental services that include the sale of carbon credits and footprint reduction; the enrichment of the floristic composition of the farms; the adequate management of biodiversity; good agricultural practices and the development of financial capacities for the improvement of the quality of life.

With the help of expert agronomists and social workers, the Coffee Companies Program promotes the strengthening of the coffee production system to improve the wellbeing of communities, while protecting natural resources and guaranteeing the supply of sustainable coffee in the future. In addition, it is anticipated that the program will contribute to the reduction of child labor levels on the farms and will reinforce generational renewal so that new generations stay in the business, innovate and develop the Colombian countryside.

The following video shows the testimony of one of the coffee growers that participated in the last edition of the program n in the Department of Huila and who will be taking part in the next edition. With his participation he hopes to continue improving the results obtained in the harvests and to improve the model of the family coffee business that he has built in his home together with his son.


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