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Discover the most inspiring coffee in Colombia: Café Sello Rojo

Are you looking for inspiration to transform your talents into development options and change your reality? Café Sello Rojo, the number one brand of roasted and grounded coffee in Colombia,* presents four inspiring stories of real people who have succeeded in doing so.

Ginna Jiménez, César Barría, Marina and Pablo Abril are the protagonists of our brand’s campaign that seeks to inspire more than 51 million Colombians to awaken their lives and to create, from their talents, all that they dream of and that society needs.

90 years of inspiring stories

Café Sello Rojo is one of our roasted coffee and ground coffee brands that belong to the Grupo Nutresa Coffee Business. This company has presence in Colombia, Estados Unidos, Panamá, Ecuador, Chile, Perú, Paraguay, Curazao, Aruba, Bolivia, Cuba, Canadá, España y Reino Unido, and in 2022 reached sales of more than 730,000 million pesos.

In addition, since 2019, it has been transformed to become the brand that promote to live boldly, driving all Colombians to achieve their dreams with a cup of coffee.

“Café Sello Rojo, the number one brand of roasted and ground coffee in the country.”

Sello Rojo’s inspiring stories will be shared throughout the year on the brand’s social networks and on national television, we invite you to keep an eye out for their publication and to let yourself be inspired with a cup of our coffee.

Learn all about this incredible and inspiring brand of coffee at www.cafesellorojo.com.

Are you ready to be your own inspiration? Awaken life with Café Sello Rojo!

*According to the latest Nielsen measurement, Café Sello Rojo is the number one brand in roasted coffee and grounded coffee in Colombia.

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