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Kunawa allows us to see coffee as a circle of development and progress, a circle that connects the work of the coffee grower with that of the cooperatives, the farmers, our clients, and all the people who, like you, enjoy the aroma, the strength and the energy that coffee brings to their lives.

These are the programs
that make up our sustainable coffee seal:

Green Línea ética
We increase the productivity

of coffee farms through education, technology, and innovation.

Green Línea ética
Community processing plant

that reduces water consumption and increases efficiency, giving time back to the farmer to have a better life balance.

Green Línea ética
Share new coffee seedlings

so that future crops will have better quality and abundant harvests.

Green Línea ética
Sustainable and verifiable coffee

that includes Fairtrade, Rainforest and Organic certifications.

Green Línea ética
Efficiency and reduction of environmental impact

in our coffee processing, packaging and distribution operations.