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At Colcafé we are one of the companies in the Colombian coffee industry that has multiple logistic operations at an international level, with which we bet all our efforts to the fulfillment of the delivery promises of our clients and allies.

To achieve this we have had to face several challenges: the state of the roads in the country, the political/social situation of the moment, the procurement of containers, the availability of sailings in ports, among many others, which has led us to innovate and seek new transportation solutions that, in an efficient way, allow us to comply and be competitive in the market at a national and international level.

The pandemic was a moment in history that directly affected merchandise exports around the world, and Colcafé was no exception. We faced the strike in the port of Buenaventura (which collapsed the other ports in Colombia) and this was compounded by the shortage of containers worldwide.

At this moment, from the Coffee Business we understood that we urgently needed a contingency plan that would allow us to mitigate the damages in case a case similar to this one were to occur.

As coffee suppliers we sought to cultivate trust with our clients and we set to work to build a plan studying all the alternatives that we had at our disposal in Colombia.

It was thus that we determined that the port that would be key for our operations was the port of Urabá, as its slogan says, it would be for us: a new sea of opportunities. And we embarked on a path that would allow us as coffee suppliers to continue exporting to our clients guaranteeing quality and compliance of itineraries.

We set to work to enable this port for our operations and thus make it a new option for exporting our coffee. This process lasted close to 18 months and in it we counted with numerous allies that accompanied us on the road to convert this plan into a reality.

Thanks to the team work that we developed together with the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia and our compliance of internal adjustments to support the coffee operation with everything that must be fulfilled to make these shipments, we have already made the first maritime export of coffee through the Urabá Port!

Thanks to the commitment and dedication of our logistics team, we were able to work in alliance with the port, our customs agent and the Anti-Narcotics Police in order to have an integral control of all the necessary aspects and to achieve safe, agile and sustainable exports from now on.

In addition, in this first export of coffee through the port we were able to count on the satellite seal that took the closed cargo to the hands of the client in Central America, and it was he who with his hands was able to break it and guarantee that the product received had all the quality standards that we had promised.

Here Sandra tells us about the exciting moment we lived with the shipment of this shipment:

Today it gives us great satisfaction to tell our clients that we have made it!

We are now the first coffee supplier in Colombia to have operations through the Urabá Port, which allows us to guarantee itineraries and deliveries with the best quality/security to our routes so far in Central America.


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