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At Colcafé, we are proud of our team. We have talented, committed, diverse and innovative employees who take chances and work in deep connection with our goal: build a better world where development is for everyone.


These are the three attributes of our culture:


We believe that inclusion is a lever for innovation; therefore, we trust in the potential of every human being and generate equal opportunities for all.

  • Balancebetween personal, family, and work life.
  • Opportunitiesfor growth and integral development.
  • Exciting challengesthat empower and enhance learning.
  • Compensationequal, competitive, and timely compensation carried to emotional pay.
  • Work environmenthealthy, safe, harmonious, flexible, respectful and inclusive, which favors teamwork and innovation.
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We have a research, development, and innovation team that takes our product knowledge to the next level.

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Our operations team is rigorous and executes flawlessly, yet remains curious and recursive, driving continuous improvement.

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A team of quality experts monitors and tastes every moment of the process, guaranteeing the quality and profile of our coffee.

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Our logistics team makes sure that our products arrive anywhere in the world.

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We have a commercial team
that generates the development and growth of our brands. They commercialize solutions, ingredients and products for the industry in Colombia and the world.

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We have a Human Talent team that inspires, mobilizes and empowers the integral development, care and quality of life for our people. They manage a value offer to our collaborators with transcendent experiences that drive organizational objectives.