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On June 27th, we celebrate National Coffee Day in Colombia. This year we want to do it specially: inviting you to take a journey to the essence of coffee to learn how we contribute to sustainability from the bean to the cup.

The tour begins by paying a special tribute to the coffee tradition of our country that, for many years, has allowed thousands of people around the world to enjoy a cup of coffee full of aromas and flavors.

We reach the farms where the best beans are grown. There we are accompanying the producers with a program to transform their lands into sustainable coffee companies. Today, with a presence in Huila and Santander, we provide tools to 550 families to develop skills for environmental care, preservation of their crops, and generational splicing so that their children fall in love again with the Colombian countryside and continue innovating and developing the coffee tradition.

Then, when the harvest arrives and the coffee producers sell the beans, we advance to the second stage of this journey: the large roasters and the industrialization of the process. In this phase, we accompany our partners to ensure that the coffee purchases come from: environmentally friendly crops, and communities that protect children against child labor exploitation practices and do not contribute to any illicit activity in the production chain.

Afterward, when the beans arrive at our factories, we continue with the production processes that follow the most rigorous environmental practices: we take care in the use of water and energy and, through innovation, we take advantage of the material that is leftover from the process to give it a new life and guarantee its circularity.

Learn here about one of the uses that we make of the leftover flock from our processes to transform it into heat-resistant cups: Tribío – Grupo Nutresa Upcycling Solution

Additionally, the development of socially responsible practices, giving back to the communities, and the sum of the environmental practices we carry on allows us to be a Business that grows and generates prosperity for all its stakeholders.

Then our journey opens borders to commercialization: having a borderless mentality has allowed us to have a global vision and not only have an impact at a local level but also to reach many places in the world (+52 countries) with our brands, products, ingredients, and solutions.

Finally, we reach the last destination of that small bean we mentioned at the beginning: the hands of our clients and consumers who enjoy a cup of coffee every day and who, through Nutresa Retoma and SoyRe, allow us to build a future together.

Through Nutresa Retoma, we ensure that all Nutresa brand packaging (among them those of all our coffee and beverage brands: Colcafé, Matiz, Sello Rojo, La Bastilla, Tosh, Diversa, and Kibo) are stored in 1.5-liter plastic bottles that are delivered to our collection points throughout the country to build ecological bricks to build playgrounds for the enjoyment of Colombians.

And with the second, SoyRe, we allow our Nutresa coffee Capsules to be recycled and have a new life.

Thus, from the Coffee Business, we close this journey through sustainability by saying:

Happy National Coffee Day in Colombia!

We hope that each one of these actions adds up grain by grain so that we and future generations can continue to enjoy this drink.

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