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RTD coffee: a market opportunity

In today’s world, where schedules are increasingly tight and modern life leads us at a dizzying pace, time has become the most precious commodity. Given this reality, the market has evolved to meet the growing demand for “immediacy” that characterizes our society, hence RTD (ready-to-drink) coffee drinks continue to gain so much popularity, and it is expected that this success will continue in the coming years. According to the media outlet La República, coffee consumption in 2023 was at its best, as last year it exceeded 2.8 billion dollars, a figure above that of 2022, and it is expected to reach 3 billion dollars this year. These data demonstrate the great opportunity that Colombia has to offer coffee-based products as RTD beverages, and that large coffee industry players in the country have already incorporated them into their portfolio.

The increase in the consumption of cold coffee beverages

Coffee consumption has undergone a notable evolution over the years, with a notable increase in the demand for cold beverages. This phenomenon is largely attributed to online ordering applications, which allow customers to enjoy their favorite coffee at any time and place of the day.

RTD (ready-to-drink) coffee beverages have seen a remarkable rise in popularity, especially among young people, particularly Generation Z. Their convenience to take them anywhere and enjoy them at any time of the day has made them an attractive option. They are no longer limited to morning consumption, but are also enjoyed as a refreshing and pleasurable option at other times of the day.

Trends in RTD coffee beverages today

Cold brew and cold brew nitro continue to dominate the market as the most popular RTD coffee beverages among the public. However, we are seeing new propositions emerge that reflect consumers’ concern for their health and wellness. These trends focus on the search for beverages with natural ingredients that provide benefits to the body, with less sugar and chemicals, thus responding to the demand for a healthier lifestyle.

A prominent trend, which has been observed in various industries and has also reached the RTD coffee beverage arena, is the incorporation of animal milk substitutes with plant-based milk. It is important to note that consumers, especially young people, are looking for more than just a cold beverage; they are looking for an experience, with delicious and novel flavors that at the same time satisfy their health and wellness needs.

Sustainable and premium coffee: the future of RTD coffee beverages

Sustainability is the most relevant word of the 21st century, therefore for consumers the difference between one brand and another will be made by the care and adequate production practices of the company, according to the National Coffee Association, since people are already more aware of how their consumption habits affect society and the environment.

If you are interested in acquiring a RTD coffee solution for your company or brand, we invite you to visit our B2B section to learn about all the solutions we have tailored to your needs by clicking here or by filling out the form at the bottom of our web page so that an expert can contact you.

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