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We are proud of the achievement we have reached together with the ITM by obtaining this invention patent in the USA (it redeems the coffee cellulose material with which different types of tools can be made) and the process of obtaining the biodegradable material from the coffee husk. The extension of this allows us to protect this technology and take care of the investment that we have made in this innovation.

In addition, in Colombia we also have the patent that was granted by the Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio (Superintendence of Industry and Commerce). These achievements represent a great advance in the creation of utensils for consuming or drinking food in an environmentally friendly manner and add to our commitment to sustainability in our value chain in the coffee industry.

In the Coffee Business we are driven by the creation of new ways of delivering value and the generation of disruptive ideas that allow us to contribute to the creation of a world where development is for all. The production of this cup adds to our efforts to reduce waste generated in our production processes and to reduce the use of materials such as single-use plastics.

Vaso biodegradable


One cup at a time for a more sustainable future

The research project was led by Juan Diego Ruiz Saldarriafa, co-author and Director of Engineering, and Jorge Echeverri, our Director of Innovation at Colcafé. This product represents a milestone in the construction of a more sustainable future for the coffee industry and the circularity in our processes and in the packaging sector. This patent obtained in the United States reaffirms our potential as an innovative business that seeks to meet the needs of the consumer, at the same time that it demonstrates our capacity to generate ecological solutions with the capacity to compete in the global beverage market.

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