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    One of the greatest strengths of our company is to help our clients to develop their businesses.

    Talent: Differentiating knowledge, Phds, cold brew experts, packaging experts, team focused on applied research.

    Pilot plants: Smaller scale and lower costs

    RTD pilot plant to test beverage formulations at the final product stage of development”

    From functional coffees for health to the exploration of new ingredients and flavors, these are some of the high impact creations that our team has achieved and that have led us to be recognized worldwide for our competitiveness and innovation.

    20%of the Company’s
    total sales come from
    innovative products.

    We have

    4 patents

    and 5 in process,
    10 industrial

    We created the first coffee in Colombia that generates benefits in cardiovascular health

    roasted and ground coffee with 4 times more antioxidants than a standard coffee, a clinical study in people in Colombia concluded that drinking 4 cups of this coffee a day helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

    We have developed cold extraction coffee

    cold brew type industrial coffee. Available in liquid extract, instant powder and also decaffeinated.

    We incorporated micro-ground coffee to instant coffee

    the first instant coffee in the world with the addition of finely ground roasted coffee.

    In our processes we have incorporated 4.0 technology: