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The Grupo Nutresa Coffee Business has 7 production plants strategically located to serve different geographies: 4 plants in Colombia, 1 in the United States, 1 in Chile and 1 in Malaysia. Close to the sites of demand to help our clients develop their businesses, with expert talent, products of the highest technology, and reduced lead times for expedited product arrival.

We also have commercial offices in geostrategic locations such as Colombia (Medellín, as headquarters), the United States (Minnesota and Houston), China (Shanghai) and the Philippines (Manila).

Our logistics network has its own distribution centers in different latitudes.

Distribution Centers: Medellín, Ibagué, Cartagena, Houston, Grand Paire, New Jersey, Chicago, Maryland, Florida, California

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United States

  • Minnesota: Cameron’s production plant and sales office and private brands
  • Houston: Distribution center and logistics office.
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  • Medellín: Production plant – Distribution center – Sales office
  • Bogotá: Production plant
  • Ibagué: Production plant
  • Santa Marta: Production Plant
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  • Valparaiso: Production Plant – Distribution Center – Commercial Office
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  • Johor Baru: Production Plant

Green coffee supply

The location of our factories allows us to have access to high volume raw materials of differentiated origins.

Access to more than 30 origins for global clients that allow us to develop different variations of our processed coffees, with origins such as: Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sumatra, Uganda, Honduras, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, Indonesia, Vietnam, and others.

We have sustainability programs that support coffee growers.

Through innovation we work with the entire supply chain to generate new processes of more differentiated coffees for the development of our clients’ business.